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by Marie Diver —


We're excited to work together

Working with Marie Diver Design we help to grow your revenue and boost user-friendliness with a high-impact and high-functioning webpage.

Accurate has identified a number of weak areas in its current website that are choking conversion rates and usability. These include:

With our expertise in web design and development, Marie Diver Design is proposing to overhaul Accurate’s website and relaunch it as its growth prompts. We’re confident we can deliver significantly increased responsiveness, improve back-end SEO, fix URL locational errors, and ultimately help conversion rates.

Deals N Dragons SEO now leads their Organic Search Rate At 64%, making that the top Traffic Search Channel.

What to expect working with us


Marie Diver Design takes a wholistic approach to design and development. We strive to understand your market, your audience, and your core business drivers in-depth so that we can correlate every design and engineering decision directly back to helping you achieve your business goals.

We’re huge believers in the power of collaboration. The more fluid our communications, the more powerfully we can achieve your goals.

To deliver this outcome, our process has five stages:

1. Research —
We begin by performing a rigorous audit of your market space. Who is the core audience? What are their concerns and values?
2. Prototyping —
Prototyping involves a rapid and collaborative iteration of wireframe concepts, layouts, and directions.
3. Design —
Once we've agreed on finalized prototypes the design team steps in to create high-fidelity mockups of the final product.
4. Build —
Then we bring those mockups to life. Bring up the staging servers and code up the designs.

We host everything locally through our servers to ensure we have access to all the backend needs of your website.

Don't worry if you have a domain or hosting provider already. When we redesign your webpage we transfer your domain over to our fast and reliable hosting providers.
5. Launch & Measure —
Finally, we go live to the world and measure the return on investment for you, with detailed analytics. No need to worry about updates, popup advertisements, new pages, or content. With our monthly package, we take care of all webpage needs front end and back end.

Thanks to Marie Diver Design I can start following my passion and reach my ideal clients. Marie knew I had a specific vision for my logo and website, one that was bright and airy, and she delivered just that. My favorite parts are all the little details because they allow my website to stand out and provide things that are eye-catching. She listened to all my needs for my website and delivered each one of them. Thank you Marie!

Seirra McCracken


Project Scope

What's included In Classic package —
  • Everything Included in our Webpage Design Monthly Package:
    View the details here.
  • Revisions: We have made allowances for feedback during the wireframing and design phases of the project. Revisions requested outside of these phases and updates are included in your monthly rate.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: We have strict testing and quality assurance standards, and will have our in-house Q&A team vet all websites we deploy.
  • Post-Deployment Analytics Reporting: We will provide access to Google Analytics which will provide you with detailed metrics of your site’s performance.
  • Business Email: Not Required but offered to businesses that want an @buisnessnameemail.
  • All Weak Areas: SEO, Indexing, Responsiveness, and performance issues.
  • Hosting: Fast reliable hosting with our provider. With a 143 ms response time, 99,9% uptime guarantee, and 8 data centers, our hosting is proven to be one of the best! Just ask the 29 million people that host with the same provider why!
How We Compare To Hosting On Wix —

We aren’t knocking Wix for being a good DIY starter site builder, but when your business outgrows them, we offer more advanced options to optimize your site’s performance. With Marie Diver Design your SEO is curated both on page and off page, maximizing Google’s eyes on your keywords.


Where Wix hinders growing companies: 

Hidden SEO that could benefit your site – Wix doesn’t let your SEO really connect with Google analytics. They make it very easy to make a website as if it were a brochure, but it doesn’t have any back end SEO nor prioritize SEO. This can really hinder your site’s look to Google and prevent Google from reading your SEO and content. This is something with my webpage company we can easily take care of as we use on page and off page SEO to maximize what Google can see. We have no blockers and take into consideration the title and meta tags.

Harder to be unique – Wix has great starter templates, but when your company is ready to grow and show that growth, you need a top-performing and visually professional site. We ensure this with our monthly fee. We monitor and update any breaks or faults due to plugins, bugs, or the unknown. We make sure your webpage is at its peak performance so you don’t have to worry.

DIY Frustration – Again, Wix is great for companies getting on the ground running, but it is super frustrating when you can’t figure out why something is broken, not working, or simply just malfunctioning. Now all this time has gone by stumped and time is precious in your company. You should be spending your time focusing on your business and growth, not on why your navigation isn’t working properly. Let us take this off your hands and manage your updates and website functionality. 

Want to get a taste of what we can do? View our portfolio, designed webpages, and links to view them first hand.

Project Investment

If you have any questions about this quote, feel free to get in touch anytime at


We Design. We Host. We Secure Rights Unless Bought Out.
$ 249 Monthly
  • $498 Setup Fee
  • No large upfront cost
  • Hosting, Domain, Plugin Fees Included.
  • Updates & Maintenance Included
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Cancel Anytime


Wix Backend Issues & Responsive Fixes
$ 150 Hourly (Estimated 3 - 4 Hours)
  • Fix Page Location Issues
  • Look into and fix backend issues (if wix allows)
  • Fix Responsivness

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